A 'Password' Type or a 'Text' type with characters are masked

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I want to store some hidden/secret information like passwords or other

hidden/secret information like notes,

and the informations should be masked, so you can not see the information directly.

But i find not the right ‘Type’, that is masking the characters.

Describe the solution you’d like

a ‘Password’ Type/Relation or a ‘Text’ type/Relation with characters are masked.

A text field where the inputs characters are masked,

with an copy button, for copying the text (to use in another app or …),

and with an view button, when you push the button you see the charaters unmasked.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Use a normal Text/note type, but here are the characters are not masked.


This shouldn’t be simply masked but rather an encrypted field, that’s decrypted on demand.


Isn’t all data in anytype encrypted by default?

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Yes please! Could be useful in so many areas.

The local data isn’t encrypted. But it’s encrypted when uploaded.

So this:

would be only visual currently.