A Page is not syncig

I have made a page (win 10 / desktop app) and the page ist not synced with my smartphone, it shows a empty page.

but the synced indikator say it is in sync.

(After x days the page still empty on my smartphone)

Android Version: v0.1.7-alpha (0.14.7)

Desktop Version: 0.17.8

What is going wrong here ?


@Michael Hi! I will write you how to debug it in the email.

Sorry, I haven’t noticed the archive. We will investigate this case

Additonal info (Android App):

When i push the circle with the 3 dots inside, nothing happens.

Normally there will be come a dialog, with the name of the page and state and some functions.

@Michael thanks! The problem is under investigation

Porblem was solved.


I was importing a markdown-file, with a “header 4” in the page.

For fixing, i have changed the “header 4” to “header 3”.


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@Michael Hmm, glad to know the solution. But of course H4 (and any header formatting) should be handled correctly, or at least be ignored if not supported.

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