A more explicit design for sorts options in sets

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

This may be my own problem … and this is more of a design problem.

When I started using the sorts function in sets, I didn’t know how to change the sorting criteria from “name” to other relationships, as I expected there would also be a 3-dots button for a menu, just like filters.

Then I clicked on the default “name ascending”, I am confused that I can only see the option for “ascending” or “descending”. Only after 1 day, I realised that I need to click on top half to change to other relationships.

Describe the solution you’d like

After getting used to it, I admit that this design is quite convenient, but not friendly for new users since they do not usually assume that there is a difference between clicking top and bottom. I think a better design can be such that, when the cursor move over the top half, the back ground of the top half can get dimmer to indicate that the users can click on this part. For the bottom half, vice versa.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Another way can be an addition of a menu button, just like the 3 dots for filters. The menu popped up can contain both changing to other relationship option and change ascending or descending option.

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@abelian_grape The three dotted menu for the sorts will make the design consistent as well

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