A little discussion about how to publish content to website

Since any type has no server, when I and my friend talks about how to share a page by a web link. I realise that if there is no server, how can I share one page like notion? because you need to keep you device active when others visite that page,right?

i don’t know things about P2P, and if there is a way allow us to share a page in a simple way. But I realise that anytype team can be the one who provide the server right? that’s a good way to generate vevenue!


The way I understand it right now is like Torrents on steroids. If you are talking about collaboration, your friend will download a copy of the note you are sharing and the changes will be synced when both of you are online.

The way I understand it is that the AnyType Team will have servers, but those would be more like backup (you would be able to download the app an open your account in a new device and sync it from the backup node, you won’t need to have the app open in another device to sync it), the thing is that they might not be the only ones with servers. I mean as long as I know the AT Team will give 10 GB of storage in the “AnyType Cloud” to everyone who joined AT during the Alpha phase, that imply that they will be having servers. But they don’t want to be the only ones that offer storage, that is the point of AT. (again, all of this is the way I understand it)

Now, another service they might offer is a feature like Obsidian Publish, where you could have an Online Space for everyone with your domain/web page to see. That, according to their public roadmap, planned for 2023Q4.

edit: all said in this comment is the way I understand it so please, don’t quote me on any of these. :slight_smile:


Yes, I was talking about something like “obsidian publish”. thank you!


We are really considering this one at the moment. We will share our vision on it after public release :pray:


I read about this a while ago … somewhere. This would be fantastic if it could be implemented. Are there any updates to this?

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Vova (on my 03.05.2023 said End of the year

What do I envision…

Paid Service:

  • You pay for the Anytype Node
  • You can share any Object(s) via the share menu and u get a static url.
  • (“Pro”) Feature Like with Notion I can get Cloudflare worker running to redirect my Websites to notion pages.

Free Service:

  • you have your own selfhosted Node
  • You can share any Object(s) via the share menu and u get a Node specific url
    → but if the Node changes the IP, the link is broken.

There are my 2,5 cents on that topic.

Have a good one!

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Just a thought on this. Would looking at how ICP help? It is web3 but yet still accessible through traditional web2 very easily. Would they offer some inspiration for this?