A list of tiny tag bugs

Describe the bug
While being busy over an hour today and yesterday tagging my objects via set I experienced a lot of bugs that were already mentioned. But I wanted to summarize my experience anyway.

When I tagged an object with the tag “Healthcare” another tag was automatically created called “Heal”. Furthermore I couldn’t delete this new tag and all other tags disappeared so I had to reopen the set.This was the greatest one. This bug happened randomly a few times.

Renaming tags also didn’t worked sometimes also mentioned here.
As well as deleting tags also mentioned here as solved.
As well as not saving color changes mentioned here. Some color changes also effected other tags. Making tag A red for example made also another tag red.
Also, some tags didn’t display the full name or just half the name.
The last one to mention is when the set is sorted via tags and I tag an object, so the object is jumping somewhere else the option menu to add another tag is still showing up, but every further tag isn’t saved then anymore.

To Reproduce
I would say taking one hour time and start tagging objects (as well as changing the colors sometimes, renaming some tags and deleting some) via set view is the best way, since all this bugs happened so randomly that I don’t know how to reproduce them better.
System Information:

  • Windows 11 Anytype Version 0.24.0

@Flip ** those bugs occur very random. I will record working on my sets again very soon and share if any bugs should occur again.


@XxxBalCion could you check out my post here and add the issues you are missing? (either link to existing topic, or a new issue that is missing)

If it is OK with you, I’ll close this topic as all topics you link to are included in my post :slight_smile: