A few suggestions regarding new user sign-up process

These are not so much Feature Requests. More like Suggestions to the Devs. It’s nothing I personally need/miss, but hopefully could be helpfull feedback for the Devs. Couldn’t find a category for that.

Here is some more feedback/suggestions from a new user:

  • User profile setup Modal (name and picture): maybe add a note in that Modal saying this can be changed later (I spent a few minutes carefully thinking of mine, just in case this was unchangeable, like the keyphrase). Also, allow user to crop the profile pic image.
  • I got the message “Congratulations you’ve created your first profile”. Do you expect people to create multiple profiles? If not, this is a bit confusing. If yes, more needs to be explained.
  • The clean/minimalist UI is great, but maybe Modals could benefit from having a close button (a subtle X in the top-right corner). Clicking outside to dismiss should still work, of course.
  • This is probably in the plans already, but just in case not: there should be more emphasis given to the importance of the keyphrase. Maybe have it be one of those intro Modals that come up, and need to be dismissed by clicking a “I understand” button. Maybe the Modal can have an animated GIF of Enda repeating over and over “Save your keyphrase!” :wink:

This one is very vague, but here you go:

  • I’m unsure if the contents in my profile (name, pic and whatever I put in that Object) is public or not. I think/assume it isn’t. However I have the impression I read somewhere this is public, but I can’t remember where.
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It is not public now, since there is no public/open access, sharing, or collaboration. My understanding is profile pages will be public in the future, although I hope there is an option to control that.


@Oshyan Yeah, I understand it being shared with whomever I actively share content with. But not anyone.