A few feature requests

  • calendar integration (be able to display events in anytype)
  • daily notes
  • the web clipper with web highlighting
  • pdf reader and highlighter (like remnote)
  • Integrations with read-it-later and highlighting workflows: Readwise, Matter, Pocket, Kindle, Command Browser, Snipd etc…
  • ways for quick capture (maybe on desktop a certain key opens a quick note)
  • a way to view all content in anytype

(just started using anytype so please excuse my ignorance)


Hello @cyberspace. All of this features is known to the team and we will introduce some of them soon.
You can see all the content already on the graph and we will introduce ability to see all the content in list view soon. Quick capture and web clipper is under construction now.


Most of these already exist as feature requests here in the forum. Please find and vote for them! This helps devs prioritize what to work on.


Feature Requests:
Daily notes
Web clipper
PDF reader


@cyberspace I linked the ones I quickly were able to find. Please create separate requests for the other ones. As qualquertipo already mentioned, its much easier for the devs to have one request per topic.

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@cyberspace to submit new requests, navigate to our Feature Requests category and fill in the provided template.

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Even the integrations (Matter, Snipd, Airr, Readwise)?
I’ve searched and nobody seems to mention it.

It is contained in a more general field of integrations overall

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