3d layered graph view would be very useful

I am finding that graph view quickly becomes very cluttered even after adding a few dozen relations.

One solution would to be to enable a three dimensional view of the graph. For example,each type could be assigned it’s own layer. ideally these layers would be able to be reordered on the fly with the ability to hide any unneeded layers so that the whole thing doesn’t become too cluttered.

In my case one way that I would use it would to have separate layers for the following types;class notes,glossary,books and authors. I would love to be able to rotate the assemblage up/down,clockwise/anticlockwise,zoom in/zoom out much like 3D models of star systems.

I think this could be very helpful for seeing patterns and relations in the data which could get lost in plan view as well as potentially looking very nice.

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Hey @krakatoa, thanks for your message! We are currently working on some graph improvements. I can’t promise 3D experience, but you’ll be able to filter any type of objects that you like. After the implementation, it would be very nice to receive your feedback!