24 hours with Anytype

My first impression is that, from a UI perspective, it was pretty much how I recalled “Notion”. It has a similar object structure and objects are manipulated in very similar ways. No bad thing. There is documentation, but it tends to be somewhat opaque, with many instructions being written in terse developer speak - not very helpful for the everyday user. For example, there is a page about setting up a task tracker. It lists the steps to take but never tells the user how to implement those steps. Very frustrating.

Anyhoo, I shall persevere with Anytype for a little longer; perhaps as time goes on, there will be more tutorials, templates and documentation to make the user experience a little easier (though I won’t hold my breath). As it stands it seems like a mess of potential which needs too much effort to sort out.


Thanks for the candid feedback! Hopefully it is not “too much” effort. :sweat_smile: This is the nature of an alpha test, I think. But with your ongoing feedback, and that of other testers, I think Anytype can get where it needs to go. :pray:

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